why do dogs roll in the grass

Why Do Dogs Roll In The Grass? Reasons and Prevention

There are several reasons why do dogs roll in the grass, but most of them have to do with smell. These animals have a strong sense of smell and use it to interact with their surroundings. 

The main reasons why do dogs roll in the grass


When a dog rolling in grass on its back, it stimulates the nerve endings that are connected to the hair follicles, so it’s a kind of massage. Some dogs rolling around in the snow and on the grass, and it’s obvious that the process is a lot of fun. Sometimes dogs try to cope with stress in this way.

The dog rolling in grass simply because he is comfortable, cheerful, relaxed, not afraid of anything, and trusts the world around him. When an animal has languished for a long time in four walls, and finally the owner deigns to take it for a walk, and when you leave the apartment the dog has freedom from the leash, it can express its joy and in this way – to roll, rub and crawl on the grass.


Dogs communicate through their scent. Many dogs (especially male dogs) leave small traces of urine when they go for a walk to let other animals know they are there. Another way to leave their scent is to lie in the grass. Where one dog leaves a trail, another can roll over to pick up that scent or add their own to the mix.

Scent masking

The grass is literally saturated with the scents of people, other animals, and the environment. Why do dogs roll in the grass? It tries to rub these smells into its fur. This is a characteristic trait the representatives of this species have inherited from their ancestors, who wanted to hide their natural scent and become more inconspicuous when hunting for prey. Lions, for example, do exactly the same thing in the wild, only they tend to dabble in the droppings of elephants or buffalo. Your dog may simply be following instinct by being let loose outside.

Also, many dogs wallow in the grass after bathing. They are trying to get rid of the smell of cleanliness and shampoo this way. Or perhaps he simply wants to dry his coat and release the energy of the bath.

why do dogs roll in grass


There is an answer to the question why do dogs roll in the grass, the dog is removing dead hair or just brushing its coat.

The dog is marking territory

Your dog may be rubbing on the grass to spread his own scent. It’s his way of showing other dogs that it’s his territory. It’s an animal instinct, just like dog “tags” on trees, posts, and even other people’s cars. The other animals will definitely smell the smell of grass and know that the territory is already occupied by someone else.

The dog wants to cool down

If it’s been a hot day, the grass may look especially appealing to your pet. It may even be a little damp after watering, which would be perfect for your dog to cool off. If the dog is particularly hot, other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, will appear, and that will definitely help us understand the reasons why do dogs roll in the grass. That’s why it’s vital that our dogs always have water readily available during the warm months.


Since a dog can’t scratch his back with his paws, the only way to relieve his discomfort is to roll around in the grass. If your pet just has an itchy back, that’s perfectly normal, but if your dog rolling in grass frequently and for long periods of time, it could be a sign of skin problems.

The itching could be caused by parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, or an allergic reaction. You can read what to do if your dog has ticks here.

Similarly, dogs that rub their ears against the ground may have an ear infection. If you’re concerned that your pet might have a skin infection or something else causing itchy skin and ears, see your vet immediately.

why does my dog roll in the grass

What should I do if my dog swings around in the grass?

The owner’s actions depend on the reason why do dogs roll in the grass. If your dog rolling in grass because he is happy, there is no need to stop this behavior. We provide chew toys for our dogs to express their need to chew, and it’s the same thing. It’s important to allow dogs to express their normal behavior as long as it doesn’t hurt.

Why do dogs roll in the grass? It could be a sign of chronic itching due to allergies, a skin infection, fleas, or something else. Your veterinarian can examine your dog and make sure that any problems are fixed so that dog rolling in grass again with pure happiness. If the cause of back wallowing is stress or boredom, that’s also a reason to re-examine your dog’s environment. Perhaps you should enrich the environment in which he lives and add variety.

What you should keep in mind when dog rolling in grass:

  • If your dog rolling in grass, you must ensure he is effectively prevented from fleas and ticks. Inspect your dog immediately upon returning from a walk;
  • Also consider whether the grass has been treated with herbicides or pesticides, as they can harm your dog. “Chemicals” will get on your dog’s coat, and the dog will get poisoning by licking himself.

The most effective and humane way to stop this behavior, if necessary, is to redirect your dog to something else. Using positive reinforcement training, reward your dog for good behavior with a treat or praise.


So why do dogs roll in the grass? Grass rolling is one of the most common and fun pastimes in dogs, so look for no reason to be particularly concerned, but understanding the root causes of this behavior can improve our communication and further strengthen our bond.

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