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Can Dogs See Ghosts | True or False

Can dogs see ghosts? Is it true? There are many legends and beliefs about dogs and their behavior. These animals have repeatedly shown us that they have abilities that are often beyond our understanding. Have you ever seen your dog looking in an area where there is nothing? Let’s look into why this happens.

Sixth Sense in Dogs

What can dogs see that humans can’t? Dogs have much more developed perceptions than humans. This allows them to perceive sounds and situations that cannot be detected by humans. Dog senses of smell are about 100,000 times more powerful than that of humans, and their range of hearing is much greater. We can conclude that if there were ghosts, dogs would be able to see them.

The sixth dog sense is often spoken of when referring to more developed senses. Dogs are more inclined to rely on their senses and react accordingly, while humans try to analyze more and deny the possibility of paranormal phenomena and ghosts.

Dogs are incredibly sensitive to things that humans might not notice. They sense changes in atmospheric pressure, distant high noises, subtle smells, and even objects or movements outside the human field of vision. Dogs can also predict impending natural disasters before they happen, thanks to their strong sense of smell. This is because all natural phenomena have their own scents.

These facts have surprised people for centuries, so they have come to conduct scientific experiments to provide a scientific answer to the answer: “Can dogs see ghosts or detect their presence?”.

can dogs sense spirits

Science’s Explanation of Whether Dogs Can See Ghosts

It is scientifically impossible to test whether dogs seeing ghosts because their existence has yet to be confirmed. Some scientific experiments have already begun to clarify that people leave an energy field in the areas they are in. So when we talk about ghosts, noises, or strange presences, they may in fact be magnetic or energy fields that have nothing to do with the beyond. Let’s look at a few studies on the topic “Can dogs see ghosts?”

Research on animal retinas

British scientists have done the research and claim that dogs have a much more developed range of sensations of light than humans. This suggests that they are able to see things that the human eye is unable to grasp. Dogs can stare at something or run after something for a long time, even though a human cannot see anything. According to the researchers, if one day the existence of ghosts is proven, then it will be safe to say that cats and dogs seeing ghosts.

A study using ultraviolet light

A new study was conducted by Ronald Douglas, professor of biology at City University London, and Glenn Jeffrey, professor of neurobiology at University College London. Their study involved ultraviolet vision in animals. The results were quite surprising.

Many different things reflect ultraviolet light in the animal world. For example, patterns on flowers that indicate where nectar is, and urine trails that lead to prey. Pollen on flowers is also clearly visible to bees, but not to humans. It has long been known that such sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation existed in animals. But this study is the first to confirm that dogs also have this ability. It may also explain how dogs mark their territory with urine and see other people’s territory, as well as how well they see in the dark. Since humans can’t notice ultraviolet light with the naked eye, this means that animal vision can detect things that humans can’t.

what can dogs see that humans can't

Paranormal experiment about can dogs see ghosts

Robert Morris was a famous parapsychologist who dedicated his life to investigating the nature of paranormal phenomena. This researcher in the mid-60s was determined to find out the relationship of dogs and other animals to spirits and ghosts. To conduct this experiment, the investigator went to a house in the United States where various bloody crimes had been committed, and the residents of the area were frightened by the strange presence of something.

The conditions of the experiment

The experiment consisted of introducing different animals into one of the rooms where people had lost their lives and analyzing the behavior of the animals. The animals chosen for the experiment were a dog, a snake, a cat, and a mouse.

  • The dog, who was supposed to enter the room with his master, barely managed to cross the threshold of the door. It began growling and barking until they left the room;
  • The cat, who had entered his master’s arms, clawed at him so hard that he scratched him. Immediately afterward he jumped to take cover under a chair, from where he began snorting for several minutes, looking at the other chair;
  • The snake used an attack stance against the chair, which startled the cat, even turned its head as if something was moving in front of it;
  • The mouse didn’t have any strange reaction; it just ran for cover and stayed there.

To finish the experiment, the parapsychologist repeated the same operation, with the same animals, but in another room where there was no blood event. In this case, none of the animals had any strange reaction or attempt to escape.

Interpretation of the results

Considering the results of the experiment, we can conclude that dogs and other animals are capable of perceiving spirits. However, there is insufficient evidence to support this. Because dogs have a much more developed sense of smell than humans. They can simply smell the earth and extract a lot of information about events that occurred in a certain place.

Perhaps the dog in the experiment smelled blood and understood what was going on in that room, not that it was a spirit or ghost that caused his fear. At any rate, we still don’t have enough information to give a definite answer.

can dogs see spirits

Can Dogs See Ghosts – Beliefs of Different Nations

In fact, throughout history, a wide variety of cultures have claimed a close connection between dogs and ghosts. The Mexican Tarascan and Aztec tribes believed that dogs see ghost and protect people from them. Both tribes buried the dead with dogs. Afterward, they were believed to serve the soul of the deceased in the afterlife as protectors from ghosts. 

Can dogs see spirits? The Tarascan believed that the spirit of the dog would seek out bodies that had not been buried and take the souls of those people to the afterlife so that they would not haunt the living. The Mayans also believed in the spirit of the dog – they said that in the afterlife the dog helped the souls to get to heaven. And the ancient Greeks believed that at the entrance to the realm of the dead souls were met by a three-headed dog named Cerberus.

The Dog Sees a Ghost. What To Do?

What should I do if my dog is growling at nothing and my dog is hiding and acting strange? If the barking is due to fear or anxiety, and your dog seems tense, try to distract him. For example, take him into another room or distract him with a toy. If your dog is barking at the window as if he sees something in it, it’s best to simply close the blinds. If you think your dog is barking, trying to get attention, for no apparent reason or alarm, ignore your pet to avoid encouraging bad habits. This can be difficult for many owners, but it just takes repetition.

Pay attention to your dog’s behavior and consult a veterinarian if:

  • The pet regularly looks at the wall with nothing on or behind it or my dog is hiding and acting strange;
  • The dog stares at one point for a long time. This could be a sign of a serious medical problem. For example, cognitive dysfunction syndrome or partial seizures;
  • The pet’s strange displays are persistent. This may indicate that he is experiencing pain or malaise. The veterinarian should definitely be consulted.


Can dogs see ghosts? Unfortunately, this is one of the many questions about dogs that remain unanswered. To date, there is no evidence of a connection between dogs and ghosts. So if you see a dog barking at a wall or a corner, don’t rush to call an exorcist! Perhaps the pet just wants to tell you something or get your attention.

You can keep a journal of your dog’s behavior and pay attention to patterns at times when he seems to pick up sounds or vibrations that humans can’t hear. Perhaps trying to sense the world through a pet’s sensations will help us learn more about our surroundings.

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